Monday, April 13, 2009

Chhoti Chhoti Baatein

I am Divya Bharati: The light of India.

I was born on: 25th February, 1974.

I am pucca Piscean: But there's nothing fishy about me.

My height is: Tall enough.

My weight is: Light enough.

What turn me on: Mmmmusic.

What turn me off: Hypocrites.

My nightmare: The Press.

My favorite Holiday spot: Karjat (India) and Interlaken (Switzerland).

The Best gift I've received: Loads of love from everybody.

My relationship with God: Father and Daughter.

I'd love to dine with: Fido-Dido.

Before going to Bed: I thank my stars for having such a super life.

The person i'd love to known in history: Hitler.

I smell nice: After a good Scrub.

My craziest fans: My mom, dad and brother.

What never leaves me: Bad publicity.

My favorite film: Herbie Goes Bananas.

My drawback: My temper and my outspokenness.

My favorite accessory: A dainty earring, a chain and a very cute ring. Dont ask me who gave it to me.

On a desert island i would: Go off to sleep till i get rescued.

My favorite perfume: Boucheron, Listen and Treson.

My favorite outfit: long flared skirts and T-shirts.

The best thing in my cupboard: My collection of perfume.

Diamond aren't a girl's best friend: My fave pal is my cho-chweet Pomeranian.

My comical make up man and hairdresser: Sandhya & Chandu are funnier than any Laurel or Hardy.

My hobby: Reading and dancing.

Movie called me the hope of 1992: I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and hope I can live upto it.

Something about myself: I'm misunderstood a lot by one and all but still I'm cute.

Movie magazine (March 1992, p.85)

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